At Blue Buddha Jewelry we use different materials to make the most beautiful jewelry. If you want to make sure which materials are used with a specific items, you can find it in the product description. We use the following materials:

Stainless Steel:
Our Stainless Steel Jewelry is made to last. Stainless Steel is known for being a hard material and is waterproof. Our Stainless Steel items are silver- or gold plated for a shiny look.
925 Silver:
925 Silver is known to be used in fine jewelry. It is a softer material as Stainless Steel and therefore we can create beautiful, fine pieces.
Gold Plated:
Our 18K Gold Plated Jewelry always has a 925 Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel Base. It gives the Jewelry its beautiful golden color and is more affordable than Gold Vermeil or Gold Filled Jewelry.
Gold Vermeil:
Our Premium Jewelry is made from Gold Vermeil. Gold Vermeil also has a 925 Sterling Silver Base, but it has a thick Golden Plating of at least 2.5 micron which makes it not only beautiful, but also long-lasting. We use a 18K Golden Plating for our Gold Vermeil Jewelry.
We love gemstones. Our Gemstone Jewelry is made with real gem- and natural stones. All stones have their own meaning and are unique. Gemstone Jewelry is always one of a kind.